Ease Your Employees’ Onboarding & Training Management

With onboarding/offboarding and training functions, our Human Resource Software enables you to screen candidates, book a meeting room and provide training to new employees. Our software also provides a place for employees to voice their grievances via mobile app.

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Build connections with employees with our Human Resource Software. Book meeting rooms for discussions or training, address grievances and use our memos and letters templates for announcements.

Main Features


Screen candidates and create onboarding/offboarding checklists for them to fulfill before joining/leaving the company.

Training Management

Assign mandatory and supplementary training to candidates and issue certificates upon completion.

Grievance Handling

Assign grievance managers to address employee grievances. Keep track of grievances with ease and accordingly.

Meeting Room Booking

Set up & book meeting rooms for training or meetings, then access your bookings in the "My Booked Meeting Rooms" menu.

Organisational Chart

Create an organizational chart, assign officers to their positions, and preview and download it to your desktop.

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India’s Best Human Resource Software

Every organisation’s mission is to build & improve relationships between employees & management. Our HR Software provides the necessary tools to enhance organisational efficiency & employee engagement. This way, their concerns & grievances can be addressed appropriately.

Key Features

Tools for seamless onboarding,training, and addressing grievances as well as templates for memos and letters.


  • Submit candidate profile for HR approval
  • Create onboarding/offboarding checklist for asset allocation/collection
  • Facilitate candidate profile to ease processing
  • Export Candidate Summary Report

Human Resource

  • Create memos and letters with readily available templates
  • Cultivate company culture by publishing company policy
  • Customise Organisational Chart
  • Meeting Room Booking

Training Management

  • Assign mandatory and supplementary training to candidates
  • Issue certificates upon completion of courses
  • Approve/Reject Training Requests
  • Generate Course Status, Certificate Expiry & Training Details Report

Grievance Management

  • Assign grievance managers to address employee grievances
  • Keep track of grievances via ticketing system with easy
  • Address employee grievances effectively
  • Generate Summary Detail Report for documentation

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between HRMS and HR software?

HRMS provides many modules such as payroll and time attendance that help with managing existing employees. Meanwhile, Human Resource Software assists with onboarding and training of new employees.

Is the Human Resource Software subscription-based?

Yes, it is also subscription-based like our other software.

Can a small business like mine use Human Resource Software?

We highly encourage small businesses to use our Human Resource Software!