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Our advanced payroll management software is tailored to meet the needs of businesses. With our Payroll Software, you can easily submit your ESI, Income tax, Professional Tax and Provident fund. The software is integrated with Time Attendance Tracking, Leave Management, Expense Claims and Appraisal data which streamlines your entire payroll process.

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Ease your salary process with Cloud Payroll Software

Our payroll management software can help automate your workflow and free up time to focus on things that matter most. Reduce any payroll errors and wastage and make your employees happy when you're able to administer payroll efficiently. Equipped with statutory requirements to stay compliant and avoid penalties or legal repercussions.

Payroll Software Key Features

With access to payslips, ESI submissions, reports and integration to HRMS features such as attendance and leave.

Payroll Basic Functions

  • Automated calculation for salary and contribution such as ESI, Income tax, Professional Tax and Provident fund
  • Integration with HRMS modules like Attendance, Leave and Claims
  • Generate, View and Print Payslips from Web or Mobile App
  • Connect to major banks for salary disbursement
  • Recalculate Salary according to employee performance
  • Set a mode of payment for payroll: Cash, Bank Transfer or Cheque

Payroll Software Reports

  • Able to customize your own report
  • Export report to excel, PDF, or word document
  • Monthly payroll summary
  • Reconciliation/ Salary comparison report
  • Statutory report: EPF Summary, ESI summary, PT summary


  • ESI API Submission for Seamless Filing From Software
  • Investment Declaration for Income Tax Calculation
  • Free API integration to third-party platforms: i.e. pulling data from another platform into DigiSME
  • Automated back-up: the system will do automatic back-up at the scheduled timing

Leave & Staff Matters

  • Tracking and managing of AL/Sick Leave etc
  • Leave eligibility based on join date/ financial year
  • Auto deduction of unpaid leave from salary
  • Family details (children)

Payroll Software for Small Busineses India

Payroll Software is integrated to the HRMS Software modules such as Time Attendance and Leave Management which is perfect in easing your payroll matters significantly with automated calculation & administration to employees.

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Stay Compliant With Our Cloud Payroll Software
Payroll Management Software India able to stay compliant to statutory contributions such as ESI, Income & Professional Tax and Provident fund. With our Mobile App, employees can access their payslip anytime, anywhere and print it out in physical form. Manage your salary disbursement and deductions in one platform.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes! Our Payroll software helps to automate all the processes including salary and statutory calculations and submissions.

Yes! DigiSME Payroll Software is integrated with Attendance, Leave and Claims - all data will be synced which will reduce human errors instead, it is so much easier for salary computation.

You can link the payroll software to the attendance software to calculate any unpaid leaves and make necessary adjustments to the payroll.

You may need to input your own formula before you can automate any future calculations for salaries.