Performance Appraisal Management Software

Need to cut costs in paper and printing? Our performance appraisal management software is cloud-based, so your information can be stored and accessed anywhere and whenever you want. Our appraisal software is also linked to HRMS, so you can access the appraisal reports to review information in the manager's evaluation, employee's self-appraisal and comments.

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Key Features of Performance Management Software

Our performance appraisal software is easy to learn and navigate with simple layouts and robust customisation to performance review and forms. This is especially useful for small businesses to set a conclusive objective for their employees and business. Additionally, it supports final authorised assessments that are automatically updated in the HR & Payroll System. and up to a three-level approval system.


  • Access to online appraisal form and perform self evaluation.
  • Receive invitation, notification and reminder to complete their appraisals.
  • Keep track of feedback and specific goals.

Approving Officers

  • First Level & Second Level Approving Officers can evaluate their staff's appraisal forms
  • Able to input marks for the categories
  • Able to make their final recommendation for increment, bonus, promotion etc
  • Allowed to view their department's employees appraisal only
  • Able to access the reports to view their own employee's appraisal details only

HR Managers

  • Can create new appraisal templates and assign to the respective staff
  • Can approve / edit the appraisal recommendations
  • All appraisal approval recommendations will be sent to the HR Manager for final approval
  • Able to view details of appraisal for all employees
  • Able to create new, edit & delete employee details
  • Able to assign the rights for the approving Officers

Web-based performance appraisal software for a efficient and intelligent appraisal method

Web-based software that covers the entire staff assessment process from start to finish. DigiSME Appraisal Software enables appraisal production, allocation, approval, and suggestion easier, faster, and wiser for both employees and management.

Keeping communication uninterrupted with our Appraisal Software

Performance reviews can be overwhelming and take up much time. That's why you need automated performance review software to streamline the process and improve employee engagement. DigiSME's Appraisal Software significantly reduces the back-and-forth communication between employees and managers, making the whole process smoother and more efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, they may fill up self appraisal form in the software.

You will need approvers to review the appraisals made or requested for the said employee

Yes. This is for future review in case you need to make comparisons.

We will not remove your old appraisals as long as you still use our services