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Babu Dilip
Babu Dilip
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Dinesh Kamal Somanchi
Dinesh Kamal Somanchi
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Years in HR Industry
Dedicated Staff
Our Story

DigiSME is a fully-owned subsidiary of Info-Tech Systems in Singapore. A future-gen global tech firm that assists businesses across various industries to upgrade their HR processes for the digital era, thereby significantly improving their productivity to a whole new level.

DigiSME India provides businesses in India with the ability to effortlessly handle all their HR-related matters. The DigiSME India HRMS app simplifies attendance tracking, payroll processing, and leave applications, enabling convenience in one easy-to-use, award-winning mobile platform. With DigiSME India, employees can easily clock in their attendance, apply for leave, and view their payslips. HR managers can also track employee attendance, view payroll reports, and approve leave while away from the office.

Our commitment to great customer service has helped us serve more than 30,000 customers worldwide and handle payroll for over 750,000 employees. With a team of over 500 experts, we always work hard to improve HR technology.

What We Do

We help to make managing businesses easy by providing an All-in-one solution to manage human resource matters.

Our Human Resource Management System(HRMS) provides a complete solution which includes real time facial recognition authentication, Cloud Mobile Attendance App, Time Attendance, Payroll, Leaves, Claims and Appraisal Software.

What we do are founded on these DigiSME.

We believe in delivering first-class implementation service for our customers as well as personalised, fast and approachable support.

User Experience

Every function and feature is designed carefully with ease-of-use in mind. Our systems aim to provide the best experience one can have and we do so by ensuring our customers’ needs are met in the simplest way.

Safety & Security

We set ourselves apart by making security our top priority. We have a dedicated cyber security team & are certified with highest level security standards.

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Singapore Office

Info-Tech Head Office

Wide range of dedicated staff - consisting of Business Development Managers, System Supports and Implementors, Technical team, Product team etc to bring about continuous digital transformation.

Malaysia Office

Info-Tech Regional Office

Our dedicated staff includes Business Development Managers, System Supports, Implementors, and Technical and Product teams who work collaboratively to achieve continuous digital transformation.

Hong Kong Office

Info-Tech Regional Office

Our team consists of Business Development Managers, System Support and Implementors, and Technical and Product teams, all dedicated to continuous digital transformation.