Attendance Management Software : All You Need to Know

Attendance Management Software

How important is an attendance management system in the modern workplace? 

An attendance management system plays an important role in businesses, where HR relies on online attendance systems. Thus it can manage employees efficiently and ensure accurate payroll. With attendance management software, HR professionals can easily automate attendance tracking while maintaining compliancy with government regulations. It also saves them time on handling timesheets, enabling them to oversee employee work hours, lateness or overtime with ease.  

Moreover, it would be difficult and tedious to track the attendance of employees who work remotely outside of the office through manual methods. 

Read on to know how attendance management software can streamline and maximize productivity for HR professionals. 

How does an attendance management system work? 

Attendance Management Software works by automating your organization’s attendance tracking operations and accurately tracks employee working hours. Employees are able to conveniently clock-in or out through biometric or facial recognition from their mobile app or tablet. This data is then synced with the attendance management software and updated in the system. 

Using biometric time tracking software, HR professionals and employees can verify their attendance data in near real-time. Facial recognition technology in particular is a popular way to mark attendance providing secure verification to prevent false clock-in or clock-out records. Thus, attendance data is centralized in a single system on the cloud, and can be accessed from anywhere at any time. 

How important is an Attendance Software System? 

Monitoring attendance manually by marking it in papers and digital spreadsheets is now outdated. Hybrid teams are becoming more common, and there is a need for greater workplace flexibility and transparency. An attendance software system will work seamlessly in such flexi-workplace arrangements. By automating attendance tracking for varying work hours which can be hard to track with manual timesheets.   

An attendance software system’s data is also easily accessible for attendance checking or adjustments such as lateness waivers. Simultaneously, it integrates seamlessly with leave and shift management by automatically updating the correct work hours. Accordingly we can manage easily approved leaves and changes in shift hours. 

Why is an attendance management system necessary for your organization? 

Still are you, uncertain about using an attendance management system for your organization? Here are three signs why it is necessary: 

  • Inefficient attendance tracking  

Timesheets and Excel spreadsheets can be used only if you have a handful of employees, but it is a tedious task if you have a larger workforce. And if your employees work in some places far from the office, it will be even more difficult for your HR team to monitor attendance. Additionally, it can be inconvenient for employees to manually record their attendance, as well as increase the rate of errors where work hours are incorrectly recorded. However, with a user-friendly attendance tracking system, your management will be able to ensure accurate and transparent attendance records.  

  • Payroll errors 

Manual employee attendance tracking can also lead to human errors. Wrong work hours will result in incorrect salary calculation, which can affect the satisfaction of your employees, as well as affect your company’s reputation. In some cases, wrong salary disbursements may also land companies in legal trouble. On top of this, your HR team will also need to manually double-check work hours and time-off, making HR matters even more time-consuming.  

  • Compliance issues 

Having an attendance tracking system will also make it easier to comply with audits for labour policies. With a manual attendance tracking system, an employee’s attendance details may be scattered in different places, which is not easily accessible. By implementing an attendance management software, you can ensure that work hours and employee information are properly maintained at all times. 


An attendance management system is effective in streamlining HR tasks and raising the productivity of HR professionals. DigiSME’s can track attendance and employee data management all in one software platform, including all HR tasks from time attendance to payroll processing. 

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