The Fundamentals of a Leave Management Software

Employees take leave for various reasons as it lets them balance work and personal life. Moreover, working 365 days a year can take a toll on physical as well as emotional health. This is why the Factories Act enforced in India makes providing a minimum of twelve earned leaves for all employees in any organisation compulsory. Leave management software in the market eases the leave-handling process, so it is essential to utilise the best software. Analysing the difficulties linked with leave management allows organisations to understand the perks of using leading-edge technology. 

What is a Leave Management System?

Leave management software is a helpful tool for organisations that endeavour to ease the work of HR departments in handling workers’ time-off requests. From approving leaves to calculating LOPs and establishing leave policies, an effective system can alleviate the monotonous tasks linked with leave management.

Also, the employee data can be stored in a centralised platform, allowing employers and approvers to access it from wherever they are. Payroll calculations will be much easier for the HR departments with this leave data. Ensuring compliance with labour laws will be effortless as all the leave data is stored securely.  

Challenges faced by HR teams 

Hardships in applying Leave

If there is no proper software for maintaining time-off management, employees will send out requests for a day off through email or paper. These manual applications can be missed, and the approvers may not approve the leave at the right time. 

Employees must wait and often bother approvers or the managers until the leave request is approved. It will hamper productivity as workers check with the HR team often. Above all, the management may face issues for not documenting the leave records.  

Leave Tracking  

When an employee wants to take a day off, they will first calculate how many earned leaves are available. It might be difficult for them, and at times, miscalculation may lead to employees taking additional leaves or losing their earned leaves in the existing year. 

With leave software, it is easier for the workforce to keep track of the leave balances. For instance, emailing the leave policy for the current year nudges workers to check the document every now and then.

Errors in Payroll calculation 

The salary calculation process is solely based on the leave and attendance data. If an employee takes more leaves than they are entitled to, it will be considered a loss of pay. Leaves must be tracked and documented correctly to evaluate the monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly salary. 

Many inconveniences may occur due to manual leave management, and HR teams may spend their valuable time sorting out these kinds of inaccuracies that often impact negatively on productivity. Check out the leave management system and understand its importance in detail. 

Personalised policies 

Remote working allows people from various regions to work for the same company. The time zones and regional holiday variations necessitate every firm to curate the policies accordingly. A few people in an organisation may celebrate a special day that most employees don’t.  

It is challenging for HR departments to give people a day off without deducing their personal leaves. A system that allows you to create a holiday calendar will make it easier for HR professionals.  

The Importance of a Leave Management System 

The importance of leave management can be emphasised from the perspective of both management and the employees. 

When it comes to the company, handling time-off requests and the entire approval process becomes easy. Though taking a day off is a legal right, the absence of the whole team can affect productivity. Manual tracking will result in such inconsistencies, which is why many top MNCs prefer investing in good software. 

On the other hand, the employees will find it easier to tag along with proper work-life balance. With a defective system, workers will not have a clear idea of leave balances, approvals, or rejections.  

Why DigiSME?   

The above information would have provided a better understanding of the importance of including automation in HR processes. Automating salary computation, leave balance calculation, and approval workflows will help you understand how much time can be saved. From managers to HR professionals and employees, every individual will find the leave application process easy with automation. 

Ensure that you invest in the right software for better leave management. DigiSME is the software that your organisation requires as it incorporates leave, payroll and time attendance software. Whether you want to track time or uncomplicate the payroll process, DigiSME has got you covered. Browse through our website to learn about the diverse modules included in our HRMS and check out the impeccable features in every module.  

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