Five Valuable Tips for Selecting the Best Payroll Software in India

5 tips for best payroll software in India

Managing payroll processing is a critical task for every company. If you are in the HR department, payroll management is as important as you imagined, but it is not easy. It is an essential yet complicated task that should be handled with attention to detail. It is also a pressured task that each HR individual finds difficult to handle. So, let us look at some valuable tips for using best payroll software in India.   

Make payroll management a breeze with our top 5 tips for selecting the best payroll software in India and increase your productivity. Streamline your business operations with these valuable insights. 

Tip #1 – Create a sustainable payroll process  

The preliminary step is to develop a sustainable payroll process that enhances your payroll’s smooth and efficient running without any mistakes in the payment. To undergo a sustainable payroll, the factors that can be followed are specified below: -  

  • Better data governance: - A sustainable process ensures better data governance by centralising all employee, compliance, and attendance data in a unified system, improving data visibility and integrity. With a future-proof payroll system, seamless reconciliation and easier data access across enhance business efficiency and continuity to all enterprises.  
  • Low cost of ownership: - Implementing payroll automation in legacy payroll solutions incurs lot of investment and will be obsolete in the next few years. Therefore, cloud-based systems dominate in business organisations. However, with SaaS cloud-based solutions, the cost of ownership is very low and not required to cumbersome any software anymore.  

Tip #2 – Collaborate with a trusted payroll software service provider (SSP) 

Find a trustworthy payroll software service provider that meets your needs. The payroll process will be complex, so investing in cutting-edge software that eases the entire operation is crucial. Evaluate the requirements and budget in the first place.   

When you have a trusted software service provider to provide all the needed payroll services, like scheduling direct deposits, payslip printing, and tax filing, it helps HR departments or employers wrap up the payroll process quickly. Select the SSP without compromising on important factors such as security, user interface, and more. Security is a huge concern, as it is crucial to maintain confidentiality.   

Our HR and payroll software allows easy-to-use attendance, leave, and payroll management features and integrates to automate and simplify your tasks.   

Tip #3 – Always entail a digital payroll process  

A newly appointed HR professional will spend several hours understanding the manual payroll process followed in the organisation. However, digitalising the payroll process will make it easier for the people who join your organisation, and they will be all prepped up to handle payroll in no time.   

Moreover, advanced systems also nullify paper-based work. If a proper payroll system is in place, an organisation can avoid the risks of human errors, loss of documents and more. DigiSME digitalises all HR and payroll tasks, which has been challenging since an organisation’s inception. It will keep your data and records organised and save you time on payroll processing. 

 Tip #4 – Type of software  

You’ll find diverse software types with distinct features. So, it is important to know the type of software the company should choose and determine what you need from payroll software. You need to figure out the type of software that’s suitable for your business. For instance, you can choose between cloud-based or on-premises software.  

Cloud-based software is linked to the internet, and you can save data in Cloud storage. That way, you can access it anywhere and anytime without any restrictions. Meanwhile, on-premises software can be accessed from one spot, usually in your office. The data can only be stored locally, so the only way for you to access the data somewhere else is by using a pen drive to copy the data.   

Tip #5 – Perfect Decision-making and Good Customer Support  

The essential tip for payroll software in India, must be you need a company with good customer support. Since you are new to using payroll software, you will need assistance navigating through it or may have questions in the future when facing some problems. You would need customer service that is prompt, attentive and patient when addressing an issue.   

Reviews are perfect for finding out how other customers find their services. Do your research, weigh the pros and cons of a company’s customer service, and see if the pros outweigh the cons.  

Ready to Choose Your First Best Payroll Software in India?  

Choosing your first best payroll software can be daunting, so we recommend you try out  the free versions before committing. DigiSME offers a free demo of our payroll software, which allows you to use the full version and integrates with  leave management, and attendance software.  

It’s user-friendly, and the mobile app is available on iOS and Android. Our customer service is more than ready to answer your queries.  

Call us at +91 89255 08620 or email us at to request a free demo.

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